Carnarvon Night Safari Tour

Join our Night Safari Tour in search of Carnarvon Gorge’s extraordinary nocturnal wildlife.


Easy. May require one creek crossing.


1 - 1.5 hours


$35 per person

Nocturnal wildlife spotting at Carnarvon Gorge

On this Carnarvon Gorge night tour we’ll engage our sight, hearing and sense of smell, and explore the forest floor along easy, mostly flat trails to see which animals emerge upon nightfall.

Marsupial gliders, owls, echidna, platypus and bats are just some of the extraordinary animals commonly encountered on this tour.

Of course, when dealing with wildlife, there are no guarantees! So be very, very quiet, and we’ll do our best to get you into a position to see marsupial gliders do what they do best….GLIDE!

"We went for the gliders and we weren't disappointed. Watched many yellow bellied gliders and four greater gliders. The highlight was seeing three full glides. Magical stuff!"

taylorfamilybrisbane - Tripadvisor

Common Nocturnal Wildlife Sightings

Check out the scrolling gallery below for some of the most commonly encountered nocturnal animals on our Night Safari Tour.

Night Safari Tour Details

At a glance. Everything you need to know before booking this Carnarvon Gorge night tour. For further information, please call, email, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.


Easy. Mostly flat even surfaces.
May require one creek crossing via stepping stones.


Approximately 1.5 hours.


$35 per adult
$25 per child (aged 5 - 12)
Kids (under 5) Free


April to October.
See our tour calendar below for specific dates and times.

Group Size

Maximum group size of 8 participants.
Private tour bookings for larger groups are possible. Contact us for more information.


Small hand held or head torch.
A pair of binoculars.
Weather appropriate attire & closed shoes.


Unfortunately, due to COVID Safe restrictions, we are temporarily unable to provide use of our communal binoculars and torches.

"Simon and Michelle are excellent guides and really know their subject material. They are masters at locating Gliders."

David de Groot - Tripadvisor

The Recipe for Success

There are some really simple steps we can all take to maximise our chances of seeing nocturnal wildlife during this Carnarvon Gorge night tour. 

Firstly, we’ll reduce the noise we make to ensure our nocturnal wildlife is comfortable, which will lead to far more natural behaviour, making them way more interesting for us to observe.

Secondly, we’ll only use red spotlights, to ensure their night vision is not compromised, which also happens to work out well for us humans!

Finally, you’re welcome to bring a camera, but please don’t use the flash, as this can impact greatly on their night vision, and may cause gliders to crash!

Seeing these beautiful animals in the wild is a thrilling experience, but ensuring our encounters with native wildlife are ethical is one of our top priorities, so remember to observe, without interfering

Night Safari Tour Schedule

Do you have a specific Night Safari Tour date in mind, but don’t see it on the calendar? 

Contact us! We’ll do our very best to accommodate your special request.

The Fine Print

Note 1: All tours require a minimum of two participants to run. Should you be a solo traveller, and wish to book a single ticket, please be aware that the tour will be cancelled if minimum numbers are not met. In the event of such a cancellation, Carnarvon Gorge Eco Tours will offer your choice of a refund or alternate date.

Note 2: It is important to understand that group noise influences the amount of wildlife encountered, as we rely heavily on our hearing to track nocturnal animals. We reserve the right to exclude any participant/s who are unable to remain quiet when directed by their guide. Parents should be particularly mindful of this when booking young children onto this tour.

COVID Snapshot

Reduced Night Safari Group Size

All 2022 public Night Safari Tours will have a reduced maximum group size of eight. This ensures you can still hear everything your expert guide has to say, whilst maintaining effective social distancing.                                     


Mandatory Vaccinations

From 17 December 2021, all staff and guests attending an experience provided by Carnarvon Gorge Eco Tours are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, as per the Public Health and Social Measures mandated by the Queensland State Government.

Check In QLD app

All guests are required to check in using the “Check In Qld” app, and present their COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate, immunisation history statement, international COVID-19 vaccination certificate, or approved medical exemption prior to joining our tours.

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Please click through to our full COVID-19 Policy for more information.