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Tour Related

Our meeting locations vary, depending on the tour you have booked with us:

NIGHT SAFARI | 10 minute parking zone at the very end of Carnarvon Gorge Road. You must drive from your accommodation into the National Park. You have permission to park your car in the 10 minute parking zone for the duration of our tour.

LOWER GORGE EXPLORER | Outside the entrance of the Visitor Information Centre in Carnarvon National Park – Carnarvon Gorge Section.

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK | Outside the entrance of the Visitor Information Centre in Carnarvon National Park – Carnarvon Gorge Section.

CUSTOM MADE TOUR | This will have been arranged directly with Simon or Michelle based on your unique itinerary. Please check your confirmation email.

Still confused? Please check page two of your confirmation email for a complete set of detailed directions.

SNACKS | Unfortunately, due to current COVID safety concerns, we are unable to provide home baked snacks for morning and afternoon tea.

HOT CUPPA | Nothing beats a freshly pressed coffee, or a nice cup of tea when the energy levels start to dip. We promise we’ll choose a beautiful spot to enjoy it, too! Unfortunately, due to current COVID safety concerns, we can only boil the billy for you. Please BYO cup, tea bag etc to ensure a contactless process.

COMPANY | One of the benefits of spending the whole day together, is that we have plenty of time to chat. Make sure you spend some time walking up front with us. We’d love to get to know you, and answer any questions that some to mind as we wander along

WATER | Approximately 2 litres per person. It may sound like a lot, but we’ll be active in the Gorge for approximately 9 hours, and there are no opportunities to pick up water along the way. You can always start to discard water along the way, when you realise you won’t finish it.

LUNCH | Unfortunately, due to our remote location, and inability to guarantee fresh supplies at short notice, we are unable to provide lunch and snacks on our full day tours. So, please pack something tasty and nutritious to ensure you’re fueled up for the rest of the day.

CAMERA | You’ll be kicking yourself if you forget this important piece of equipment! Ensure batteries are fully charged, SD cards have plenty of space, and that both are actually in the camera!

SUN PROTECTION | Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses. Light weight long sleeve shirts and long pants are great protection options too.

APPROPRIATE CLOTHING | Be sure to check the forecast close to your arrival. If there’s a chance of rain, pack a rain coat. In winter our days can start at 5 C, so wear lots of layers and peel them off the day warms up.

FOOTWEAR | Please wear the best closed walking shoes you have. Boots with ankle support are best, especially for the Off The Beaten Track tour.

BACKPACK | You’re going to need somewhere to store your lunch, water and layers. Make sure it’s going to be comfortable to carry for a full day walk. 

HIKING POLES | These are entirely optional, but can be of great benefit at the many stepping-stone creek crossings. Especially, if you are concerned about your balance.

PROOF OF COVID-19 VACCINATION | Being a tourism experience, we are required to see proof of each patron’s COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate, immunisation history statement, international COVID-19 vaccination certificate, or approved medical exemption prior to tour commencement.

FACE MASK | Please ensure you always have a face mask with you, as mask mandates are subject to change.

Whilst you are not required to constantly wear a face mask in outdoor settings, there may be times where physical distancing won’t be possible.

This is our classic full day walk covering 14 km over the course of 8-9 hours. However, we allow plenty of time to stop and chat about the natural and cultural history of Carnarvon Gorge along the way. We’re certainly not in any great rush. 

The main walking track is one way in, one way out, and we choose to walk to the furthest destination first. This allows us to knock off the single biggest chunk of walking whilst we are fresh, and break up the return walk into smaller chunks as we visit the remaining sites on the way back. 

The first and last 3 km takes us over a series of three small ridges, meaning there are stairs and hills in both directions. The track then flattens out as it follows Carnarvon Creek. 

There are 16 creek crossings via stepping stones throughout the day, so good balance is essential. If you’re concerned, consider purchasing a set of hiking poles prior to your visit. 

The four major sites, Art Gallery, Ward’s Canyon, Amphitheatre, & Moss Garden are all accessed via staircases that deviate from the main walking track. Considering each of these major sites require a one way in, one way out detour from the main track, you may choose to sit one or two out. The choice is entirely up to you.

For some of you, this may have helped to make your decision. If it hasn’t, and you still have concerns or queries, please give us a call, and we’ll do our best to help.

Only you can make that decision, but here are a few things for you to consider:

YOUR INTERESTS | Do you want to leave the Gorge with a wealth of knowledge, or would you prefer to step out on your own and explore at a faster pace? Do you want to escape the crowds, or stick to the main track? Do you have a specific interest in flora, fauna or geology, or are you happy to go with the flow?

YOUR FITNESS & BALANCE | The Lower Gorge Explorer covers 14 km and includes 16 creek crossings via stepping stones. Off The Beaten Track covers upwards of 15 km, mostly off track, with countless creek crossings, and lots of rock-hopping.

With that in mind, here are our top suggestions:

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE | Lower Gorge Explorer Tour

WILDLIFE | Night Safari Tour

SECLUSION | Off The Beaten Track Tour

FLEXIBILITY | Custom Made Tour

ADVENTURE | Off The Beaten Track Tour // Custom Made Tour

EASY GOING | Night Safari Tour // Custom Made Tour


Still not quite sure? Reach out and get in touch with Simon or Michelle. We’ll do our best to help you make a wise decision.

This will depend on which tour you wish to book:

NIGHT SAFARI TOUR | Closed shoes with good grip, such as runners, will do the trick. Yes, the walk is easy, but it takes place at night, and we may have to negotiate some stairs and stepping stones.

LOWER GORGE EXPLORER | You’ll want your best walking shoes for this one, whatever they might be. Runners, walking shoes, or boots are acceptable, but anything with ankle support is better! After 14 km, your body will thank you!

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK | Hiking boots with ankle support are essential for this tour. There is a lot of rock-hopping involved, and a wet foot or two is not unusual. You’ll be particularly comfortable if your boots are waterproof.

CUSTOM MADE TOUR | This will depend entirely on the experience you design for yourself. Be sure to check in with Simon and Michelle when planning your itinerary.

This will largely depend on when you intend to visit:

April – May | Be prepared for anything! Hot, cold, wet. We’ve seen it all at this time of year!

  • Generally, maximum daytime temperatures are cool enough for walking, but can be as high as 30 C. 
  • Overnight temperatures can drop well below 10 C.
  • Big rain events have been known to coincide with Easter.

June, July, August | It’s pretty chilly! Layering is key. Wear lots of light layers that you can add or remove as conditions change.

  • Overnight temperatures can get down to 0 C.
  • The Gorge itself it sheltered from the sun, and remains quite cold until about 10 am.
  • Side gorges will remain cold throughout the day.
  • Maximum daytime temperatures usually reach 18 – 20 C.
  • Days are short. Don’t let the cold stop you from starting early. You need to ensure you are back before dark.
TOP TIP: Always travel with a rain coat! That way it’s there and ready to pack into your backpack should rain be forecast. Plus, it means you don’t have to miss out on that bucket list item if it happens to rain throughout your visit.

Covid Ready

Yes, from 17 December 2021, all staff and guests attending a tourism experience provided by Carnarvon Gorge Eco Tours are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, as per the Public Health and Social Measures mandated by the Queensland State Government unless they have an approved medical exemption.

Yes, Carnarvon Gorge Eco Tours is required to sight proof of each patron’s COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate, immunisation history statement, international COVID-19 vaccination certificate, or approved medical exemption prior to tour commencement.

Yes, all guests are expected to arrive at the designated meeting location prepared to check-in using the “Check In Qld” app, at which point Carnarvon Gorge Eco Tours will check for proof of vaccination, or approved medical exemption.

Please ensure you always have a face mask with you, as mask mandates are subject to change.

Whilst you are not required to constantly wear a face mask in outdoor settings, there may be times where physical distancing won’t be possible.

That’s easy!

Click the following link for our comprehensive COVID-19 Policy:

COVID-19 Policy

Planning Your Visit

Right here! Click the following link to access the Queensland Parks & Wildlife Visitor Guide for Carnarvon Gorge:

Carnarvon Gorge Visitor Guide

After a hard copy? These can only be picked up from the Carnarvon Gorge Visitor Information Centre in the National Park. Opening Hours: 8 am – 4 pm.

There are more than enough walking trails and activities to keep you busy for AT LEAST three full days. If you would prefer to have a rest day between big walks, or the opportunity to sit under a tree with a good book, be sure to add another day or two.

Great question!

Most visitors choose to explore Carnarvon Gorge between April and September, due to the cool, yet sunny, walking conditions.

Between October and March daytime temperatures can be very high (35-40C), and afternoon storms bringing heavy rain become a regular occurrence.

For an in-depth explanation of our local climate, please follow this link:

When to visit Carnarvon Gorge

The following local accommodation options are all within 5km of Carnarvon Gorge.

However, they tend to book out well in advance, especially ahead of school holiday periods.

NATIONAL PARK CAMPING | The Carnarvon Gorge Campground is only open for two week blocks at the Easter, July and September Queensland School Holidays. Big Bend is open year-round, but can only be accessed by walking in. It is a 10km from the Visitor Information Centre.

BREEZE HOLIDAY PARK | Formerly known as Takarakka Bush Resort, this caravan park is open year-round and provides a bit of everything. Powered and unpowered sites, safari tents, ensuited safari tents, cabins and studi0 apartments. Plus, they have great camp kitchens, ablution blocks, and plenty of native wildlife sightings!

SANDSTONE PARK | Open from Easter until October, this Caravan Park is designed for the self-sufficient traveller. There are no showers or powered sites, but they have epic 360 degree views and the best reviewed portaloos in the country! Check Tripadvisor and WikiCamps if you don’t believe us!

CARNARVON GORGE WILDERNESS LODGE | Open from March until November. 28 ensuited, safari-style tents dotted throughout lovely grounds. Cafe and French patisserie open for breakfast and lunch. Camp kitchens for DIY dinner preparation.


WALLAROO OUTBACK RETREAT | 89km from the Gorge. Glamping style accommodation on Wallaroo Station.

ARCADIA VALLEY ESCAPE | 103km from the Gorge. Cottages and outpost style accommodation. CLOSED for the 2022 season.

ROLLESTON CARAVAN PARK | 110km from the Gorge. Powered and unpowered sites and cabins available.

INJUNE MOTEL | 160km from the Gorge. Lovely motel rooms and villas, great service. One pet-friendly room available.

INJUNE MOTOR INN | 160km from the Gorge. Well appointed, modern motel in a range of configurations.

INJUNE HAVEN | 160km from the Gorge. Small, yet modern motel directly opposite the Injune Hotel.

POSSUM PARK INJUNE | 160 km from the Gorge. Community-run campground at Injune Racecourse. Powered and unpowered sites available.

INJUNE CARAVAN PARK | 160km from the Gorge. Small, tidy caravan park with powered and unpowered sites, cabins, camp kitchen, laundry and ablution block.


Fuel & Supplies

No, there is no fuel available at Carnarvon Gorge.

The nearest fuel stations are at:

  • Rolleston – 110km away from the Gorge.
  • Injune – 160km away from the Gorge.

Breeze Holiday Park (formerly Takarakka Bush Resort) has a small shop, which sells basic supplies, cold drinks, ice creams and souvenirs.

All visitors, regardless of where you’re staying, are welcome to visit.

Please note that stock will vary, and is highly dependent on deliveries from the coast.

Yes, there is a Cafe and French Patisserie at Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge.

Open for breakfast and lunch.

7am-3pm | Tuesday – Sunday.